What Do I Do If My Computer Won’t Connect To Wifi

So you have opened your computer, went to google and bam you have the lovely dinosaur (Your internet is down). Not to worry, if you’re not too tech savvy, this is the how to for you. First what you should check is that your Wifi is actually on. On the bottom right corner (For both Windows 10 and Windows 7) an icon that looks like radio waves, needs to be clicked. Once this is open follow these steps.

  1. If it states that the Wireless is turned off, you should turn it back on.
  2. If this doesn’t work, ensure that you are actually connected to your internet. If wireless, usually it will name your router brand followed by a number. If wired, it should automatically connect.
  3. If this doesn’t work, make sure your airplane mode is turned off. This can stop the connection. Usually this can be found in the same spot as the Wifi/Network settings. Some computers have a button/switch to toggle airplane mode. Some are on the side and some are directly on the keyboard, usually with a light on the key (somewhat like a caps lock light). If this light is orange/red, your airplane mode is probably turned on. Pushing this will make the light white.
  4. Sometimes Laptops will have a button on the side to turn on and off the network. This can be accidentally bumped and boom internet goes down. Inspect your laptop and see if any buttons have any symbols relating to radio waves or a tower. Sometimes the button (or sometimes slider) will be colored red if the Wifi has been turned off.
  5. If this doesn’t work, its probably time to check your router. Ensure that it is plugged in, also make sure that all cords are secure (If using wired connection)
  6. If a problem still persists, its time to contact an IT Member. Keep in mind they may go through the same steps listed, so ensure you try as much as you can before contacting IT.

this how to was written and submitted by Kaitlynn Risner