How to remove malware/viruses from your computer.

This page will assist you in removing malware and viruses, which could benefit your PC by increasing performance and security.

A fair share of the time, undetected malware can slow your PC down and you could be totally unaware that it was installed on your system.

I would recommend downloading a free, simple program to scan your system for potential threats and viruses. I recommend McAfee

Another way malware is installed can be easily seen in your programs list, to find this click “Start” and find “Control Panel”, when in control panel find “Programs and Features”

Ways to detect suspicious malware and programs yourself are to look for obvious program names like “Software Updater”. Most of the time Malware is disguised like this to make it look inconspicuous to users. If you suspect that something there shouldn’t be, google the program name and the publisher which will be in the column over and research if people are reporting them as viruses/malware.

To remove the unwanted programs, right-click on them and click uninstall.

Another way to remove the unwanted software is to manually go into your hard drive in “Computer” and click on your C: drive. Go into “Program files” and review all the folders inside. If something is there that shouldn’t be, right click on it and click delete. Also, it is important that you go into “Program files x86” and review that as well as there will be unwanted program files inside of this directory as well.

When all these steps are complete. Run a virus scan using McAfee or another type of software and ensure that there are no more potential threats.

Hope this page has helped you in some way!